Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sunday June 4 in Buenos Aires

Dr. Bob is on the first of his 4 days in BA for a central bank conference. He reports,

After settling at the hotel and carrying out the badly needed cleanup, I took a long walk covering most of the sights of downtown, generally following the walking tour in the Lonely Planet. But I had a terrible time navigating, as I always do in the antipodes. The first objective was the plaza of San Martin, with Big Statue (see below). I got there all right, but then my northern hemisphere misunderstanding of the sun kept bringing me back.

BA is basically a prosperous European city. It reminds me the most of Barcelona, though the numbers say it is nowhere near as rich. Lots of European brands on offer. Relatively little fast food. I was lucky to be touring on Sunday, when it is calm. Tomorrow it will be a madhouse, according to the experts.

San Martin. The sun kept brining me back here.

Architectural juxtaposition all over the city
19th century building reflected
No hesitation in blending architecture here. This is all brand new, a swank gallery near San Martin.

A bit of fall coloring in one of many inviting parks.

Lots of fanciful facades here.

This for Annie: The Teatro Colon, playing Cosi tonight. But I can't stay up that late.
Conquistadors everywhere.

The hotel gave me a plate of perfect seasonal fruit. I et up the apples and pear before I thought of taking a picture. The persimmons were left.
My digs at the Alvear Palace hotel. Looking from the dining room to the living room. All this and free internet too...

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