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Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, March 2004

Jonathan, Chris, and Bob camped in Canyonlands and saw lots of good stuff, while all fighting a virus. We started in the southeast part of Canyonlands, the Needles district. Jon and Bob took a couple of excellent hikes while Chris was under the weather. We proceeded north to Island in the Sky, where it was Jon's turn to suffer. We spent an amazing couple of hours at Grandview, which more than lived up to its name. We spent our last day at Arches National Park, taking some good hikes, especially the long one up to Delicate Arch. Late March is the perfect time to be in this area, which is cold and windy in the depths of winter and unspeakably hot in the summer.


Arches National Park Posted by Hello


An arch that will last Posted by Hello


Delicate Arch Posted by Hello


Double Arch Posted by Hello


When will it fall? Posted by Hello


Looking down from Delicate Arch Posted by Hello


Looking down into the Colorado from Grandview. The road was built by uranium miners in the 1950s Posted by Hello


Grandview at dusk Posted by Hello


North from Grandview Posted by Hello


Silhouette from GrandviewPosted by Hello


Southwest from Grandviewl Posted by Hello


My favorite picture from the trip Posted by Hello


The White Rim from Grandview Posted by Hello


The day ends in Needles Posted by Hello


Mushrooms everywhere Posted by Hello


A fairly informal sandstone trail Posted by Hello


Is this the southwest, or what? Posted by Hello


Some of the needle formations in the Needles district Posted by Hello


Needles district Posted by Hello


Under a mushroom in the Needles district Posted by Hello


A arch that is about to go, according to the experts Posted by Hello

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