Saturday, April 23, 2005


The White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, 2005

Bob and Jon spent four nights doing a leisurely circuit of the White Rim road in the northern part of Canyonlands National Park. This trip is strictly for jeeps and back-country capable SUVs, like our 4Runner, but is not especially challenging by 4WD standards. Most of the traffic on the road is groups of mountain bikers with SUVs carrying camping gear. You can only camp where the Park Service decides you can, and you have to reserve far in advance if you want to do the drive during the best weather, in late March and April.

We camped the first night at Gooseberry, the second night at Candlestick, and the third and fourth nights at Hardscrabble. Driving took only a couple of hours on the second and third days, leaving most of the time for hiking. The weather was unusually cold and very windy. We appreciated the expedition wear we brought!


Looking down on the White Rim from Mesa Arch, near the Island in the Sky ranger station. The road is visible in a few places. Posted by Hello


Another view from Mesa Arch Posted by Hello


Detail from Mesa Arch Posted by Hello


Clambering on sandstone Posted by Hello


The White Rim and road from a stopping point on the Shafer Trail on the way down Posted by Hello


The Shafer Trail, at a wide point. Note the snow. There was one tricky place where snow covered the road. The Park Service had just lifted chain requirements when we descended. Posted by Hello


Balanced rock on the Shafer Trail--it's about the size of a VW bug Posted by Hello


Scenary around the southern-most part of the White Rim road Posted by Hello


The "Washerwoman" Posted by Hello


Our first camp, at Gooseberry.  Posted by Hello


The most dramatic ascent on the White Rim road. It would be a nuisance to encounter any opposing traffic, but we did not. Posted by Hello


Candlestick Tower Posted by Hello


Our camp at Candlestick. Because of the wind, we cooked inside the 4Runner and also slept there. No chance of keeping a tent up. Posted by Hello


Sunset drama at Candlestick Camp. You pay for the good views--the place is windy and cold. Posted by Hello


The end of the sunset at Candlestick camp Posted by Hello


The Park Service provides convenient digital darkrooms for photoshopping the day's pictures Posted by Hello


A typical stretch on the White Rim road Posted by Hello

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