Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Grand Canyon, March 2004

Bob and Andy and Andy's friend Zarko backpacked in the Grand Canyon for five nights:

1. Indian Garden, halfway down

2. Clear Creek, a good day's hike

3. Day hiking and another night at Clear Creak

4. Bright Angel, near Phantom Ranch

5. Day hiking and another night at Bright Angel

Then the 5000 foot vertical climb out, completed by 3 pm

Why stop at Indian Garden on the way in? Because you are not allowed in camp in any one place more than two nights. We had to avoid a third night in Bright Angel. Ergo...

This is a highly recommended itinerary for a first trip in the Grand Canyon. The only challenging day is Indian Garden to Clear Creek. We met a pair who left Grand Canyon Village in the morning and reached Clear Creek at noon, but they were really pushing it!


Plateau Point Posted by Hello


The Colorado from Plateau Point Posted by Hello


The silvery Colorado near Phantom Ranch Posted by Hello


On the Clear Creek trail Posted by Hello


Keep your distance... Posted by Hello


Moonrise at Clear Creek Posted by Hello


On the plateau approaching Clear Creek Posted by Hello


Spires above Clear Creek Posted by Hello


Clear Creek Posted by Hello


Down Clear Creek from the camp Posted by Hello


Cottonwood Creek Posted by Hello


Picking our way through cactus Posted by Hello


Leaving Clear Creek Posted by Hello


Spring leaves at the bottom of the canyon Posted by Hello


Ribbon Falls Posted by Hello

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