Tuesday, January 18, 2005


North Africa

We traveled in North Africa--Tunisia and Egypt--in November and December 2004.


A boat--could be anywhere in the Med. Posted by Hello


Hands serve as knockers on many Tunisian doors. Posted by Hello


In the mosque. Posted by Hello


Men get to wear interesting clothes... Posted by Hello


A faithful worker in the ruins. Posted by Hello


The Romans left a lot of good stuff in Tunisia. Posted by Hello


New-born baby. Posted by Hello


Women in the open-air market. Posted by Hello


Four girls in the open-air market--are they sisters? Posted by Hello


This is what a $20 hotel looks like in Tunisia. Posted by Hello


A lonely bird in the Sahara. Posted by Hello


Sahara dunes. Posted by Hello


An amazing sunset deep in the Sahara in sourthern Tunisia. Had to dismount and dismiss my camel to take this picture. Posted by Hello


Root vegetables in the souk. Posted by Hello


Fast roast chicken... Posted by Hello


In the souk--any souk in North Africa. Posted by Hello


A detail from a Roman mosaic in the Bardo museum in Tunis. Posted by Hello


There really isn't anything else like the Big Pyramids. Posted by Hello


Lotsa camels around the pyramids Posted by Hello


The Sphinx, orthodox view Posted by Hello


The Sphinx, looking like the remains of a character in a sci-fi movie Posted by Hello


Sidi Bou Said, north of Tunis, angry weather over the Med Posted by Hello

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