Friday, February 04, 2005


Angkor Wat 1996

We visited Angkor Wat in 1996 as part of a trip that also included Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Burma. We flew to Hong Kong in late November, stayed for a few days to make the time and cultural adaptation, then to Bangkok, to Pnomh Pen, and on to Siem Riep (you can now fly direct from Bangkok to Siem Riep). We had a car and driver for the visit to Angkor Wat, but were otherwise on our own. The highlight of the visit was the trip to Banteay Serai, through purported Khmer Rouge country, where we were required to bring along a kid from the army, carrying an antique automatic rifle, as a bodyguard.


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Huge faces everywhere Posted by Hello


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A door Posted by Hello


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Temple with inhabitant Posted by Hello


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Banteay Serai Posted by Hello


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Gateway Posted by Hello


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