Saturday, February 12, 2005


2003 Backpacking Trip

The party:


Jonathan's friend and college classmate, Gui (for William) Woolston

Gui's dad, Joe


Again, we followed part of Steve Roper's High Route.

The itinerary:

Day 1: From South Lake, over Bishop pass, camped in Dusy Basin
Day 2: Cross country south over Knapsack Pass, camped at upper Barrett Lake
Day 3. Cross country over Potluck and Cirque Passes, down the Dreaded Headwall to lower Palisade Lake
Day 4. Layover. Day hiked over Mather Pass.
Day 5. North along the Muir Trail, camped on Dusy Creek
Day 6. Out over Bishop Pass


South from our second camp Posted by Hello


Nightfall at our second camp Posted by Hello


Knapsack Pass, out of Dusy Basin. Not too hard. Posted by Hello


Nightfall at our first camp Posted by Hello


Storm at our first camp in Dusy Basin, the only weather on the trip Posted by Hello


Palisade Lake from our camp Posted by Hello


Palisade Lake. The descent of the granite wall south of the lake was the hardest part of the trip. Posted by Hello


At the summit of Mather Pass Posted by Hello


Our camp at upper Barrett Lake Posted by Hello


A taste of class III Posted by Hello


The summit of Knapsack Pass Posted by Hello


Our route south from Dusy Basin Posted by Hello


Mirror lakelet in Dusy Basin Posted by Hello


Dusy Basin at daybreak Posted by Hello


The Sierra crest from Barrett LakePosted by Hello

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